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For convenience, Dr. Wandzel can perform some surgeries in the state-of-the-art operating room in our Highland office. He performs other surgeries at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital in Commerce Township, Michigan, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital in Howell, Michigan, and St. Joseph Mercy.

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Surgery in the Office

For patients who are considered to have a low medical risk, Dr. Wandzel can perform some surgeries in the operating room in our Highland office, including:

Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon sinus dilation is an innovative, minimally invasive office procedure that reopens obstructed sinus pathways and allows them to drain normally. When chronic sinus infections don’t respond to conservative medical treatment, such as antibiotics, this new technique can offer immediate and long-lasting symptom relief. Dr. Wandzel will insert a flexible balloon catheter into your sinus and inflate small balloons. Your sinus will become dilated and can properly drain. It does not involve any cutting or removal of bone or tissue. For more information, follow this link:

Surgery in the Hospital

All ears/nose/throat surgeries Dr. Wandzel performs in the hospital are typically outpatient stays, meaning you’d return home later the same day. All three hospitals in which Dr. Wandzel performs surgeries do serve pediatric patients.



The mastoid is a bone behind your ear. In healthy individuals, it is well-aerated, meaning the bone is comprised of small air cells like a sponge. When the mastoid bone becomes chronically infected, these air cells can become filled with fluid. If the infection does not respond to conservative medical treatment, such as antibiotics, sometimes this bone will need to be removed.

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Endoscopic Maxillary Antrostomy

A healthy sinus is filled with air and typically free of fluid. A chronic or long-lasting sinus infection can cause an accumulation of fluid or a thickening of the sinus space, which can lead to facial pain and pressure. This fluid frequently contains bacteria, which can cause an infection to essentially “smolder” in the sinus if it’s not treated. If these infections do not respond to medication, this procedure can be used to create a small opening from the inside of the nose into the maxillary (cheek) sinus.  The sinus can then be drained of fluid and infection. This is a typically outpatient surgery with only a short recovery time.

Endoscopic Ethmoidectomy

The ethmoid sinus is located between your eyes, at the top of your nose. Recurrent sinus infections can cause chronic inflammation or infection in this area. Through an endoscopic ethmoidectomy, plugged ethmoid sinus air cells are surgically opened or eliminated in order to allow the sinus to properly drain. This provides relief from infections and the bothersome symptoms that accompany them.


Vocal Cord Polypectomy/Micro-Suspension of the Larynx

If you have chronic hoarseness, it could be caused by vocal cord polyps, cysts, or nodules. These are all benign (non-cancerous) growths that can form as a result of vocal abuse, singing, smoking, or extended exposure to air filled with irritants. Symptoms can include an unusually low-pitched voice, hoarseness that does not resolve, and a breathy tone when speaking.  This procedure removes the growths that have formed and restores your voice to normal.


Chronically enlarged or infected tonsils typically need to be removed. Indications of chronic tonsillitis can include frequent strep throat or other throat infections, the production of pustules or stones from the tonsils, and trouble breathing or swallowing due to tonsil enlargement. Dr. Wandzel has been routinely performing tonsillectomies since the beginning of his practice and utilizes a technique that minimizes bleeding and post-operative complications.


Adenoids can cause multiple issues when they become chronically enlarged such as snoring, mouth breathing, jaw thrusting and frequent ear infections. This problem can be easily diagnosed with an X-ray, and removal is performed in a hospital setting as an outpatient procedure. Adenoidectomies are often performed in conjunction with tonsillectomies.

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