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"The hearing aids are amazing. They really have changed my world.”

~ Larry M. 3/18/16

Hearing Aid Styles

Today's hearing aids are available in a variety of styles and with many different features to accommodate the needs of any user. At Huron Valley Hearing, we work with the most advanced technology and a wide range of hearing aid styles.

Better technology creates a more natural sound quality and greater ease of use. The different styles range from small devices that are truly invisible to the naked eye to larger devices for those who have dexterity concerns. In most cases, the severity of your hearing loss is not a determining factor in the size or style of hearing aid you can choose. Rather, we will work with you to find the option that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Hearing aid styles
Oticon Connectline

Recent Improvements

Hearing aids have improved significantly in the past 5-10 years, making it easier to hear in challenging listening situations like over the phone or amidst background noise. Some examples of recent improvements in technology include:

  • Automatic Processing: These devices constantly analyze your listening environment and adjust to optimize your hearing in each setting. The device’s settings automatically change when you are in a quiet environment vs. in the car vs. in a restaurant, for example.
  • Open Fit Technology: This type of device doesn’t plug your entire outer ear with a bulky rubber ear piece, allowing for a more natural quality of sound. This eliminates complaints of the past such as an echo, excess volume of your own voice, or a plugged-up feeling in your ear.
  • Frequency compression: If you have very severe hearing loss in the highest range of pitches, these devices can transform high frequency sounds to a lower pitch and present them in the range where you hear better. This technology helps many people understand speech more easily and therefore enjoy conversations more.
  • Connectivity: With the advent of Bluetooth, hearing aids are now able to wirelessly connect to many devices such as cell phones, televisions, and tablet computers. This connection brings the sound from these devices directly to both of your ears while also adjusting that sound specifically for your hearing loss. This means better understanding every time.
  • Tinnitus Sound Therapy: Many hearing aids are now designed specifically for individuals who suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears. These devices use special frequency ranges to stimulate the damaged cells that cause the tinnitus. They also have built-in sound generators that allow the hearing aids to mask out tinnitus symptoms.

Hearing Aid Brands

We work with the major hearing aid brands, including:

We also work with Phonak and Unitron. We are happy to service any hearing aids, even if they were not purchased at our office.

Hearing aid repair

Repair and Maintenance

If your hearing aids seem suddenly quiet or won't turn on, there are a few things you can try at home:

  • Change the battery: Although most hearing aids have a signal that will play in your ear when the battery is about to die, the battery can sometimes die overnight, even with the hearing aid turned off.
  • Clean the hearing aid: Brush over the speakers and microphones to ensure that there is no wax or debris blocking these areas.
  • Change the wax filter: Many hearing aids have a small white filter that sits in the speaker (the part that goes in the ear canal). When this filter becomes blocked with wax, it can be easily changed. If you are not sure how to change this filter, ask your audiologist to show you.

If the hearing aid still doesn't sound right after trying these steps, contact us for service.

Our EarQ devices also come with the 4-Year Secure Warranty, the best protective plan in the industry.

Secure Warranty


Depending on the hearing aid’s size and technology, the nature of your hearing loss, and the amount of daily use, most hearing aid batteries will last between 4-8 days. After removing the sticker, it is best to allow the battery to "breathe" with the flat side face-up for 1-2 minutes. This allows the battery to become fully charged and may result in a full day more of life in the hearing aid.

Hearing aid batteries

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