Audiology Services at Huron Valley Hearing

Audiology Services

Audiologic Evaluations

Huron Valley Hearing offers diagnostic hearing evaluations for individuals of all ages, including children. These comprehensive evaluations are performed in a sound-treated booth to ensure the accuracy of results. The audiologist uses a variety of tools, including pure-tone testing, speech audiometry, and impedance testing to determine the type, nature, and severity of any hearing loss present.

The hearing evaluation consists of several components:


Case History: At the start of the evaluation, the audiologist will ask you about your health history. We’ll discuss family history, history of noise exposure, and your primary areas of concern. This discussion ensures that your needs are being met. It also allows us to identify any possible causes of hearing loss or tinnitus and the best treatment options.

Otoscopy: By using an otoscope to examine your ear canal, we can assess possible outer or middle ear issues such as impacted ear wax or ear infection. If a problem is identified during this step that may impact the remainder of testing, we will address it before continuing (e.g., removal of wax or treatment of ear infection).

Impedance Testing: During this step, we will use tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing to assess your middle ear function. It does not hurt. We’ll insert a small probe into the outer portion of your ear canal to observe the movement of your eardrum and to look for possible fluid or pressure buildup behind your eardrum. This test allows us to identify any middle ear disorders that may affect your hearing and, in many cases, treat them with medical or surgical intervention.

Pure-Tone Testing: You may remember the "beep test" from school or occupational hearing screenings. After seating you in a sound-treated booth, we’ll ask you to respond to tones played through earphones. The tones will vary in loudness and pitch so that we can identify the softest sound you can hear at each frequency range and in each ear. We can use both air conduction and bone conduction in order to determine the type and cause of any hearing loss.

Speech Testing: In this step, we’ll ask you to repeat back words both in a quiet setting and with noise presented to the opposite ear. This test helps us determine your ability to process complex auditory signals, and it can be useful in determining the cause of your hearing loss and any potential benefit you could get from hearing aids.

Hearing aid selection

Hearing Aids

We offer digital hearing aids in a variety of styles and technology levels to fit your hearing needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We work with the top hearing aid manufacturers in order to offer cutting edge technology, advanced processing capabilities, and the flexibility to have your device serviced or adjusted anywhere around the world.

Assistive Listening Devices:

We offer accessories that can work alongside your hearing aid in order to enhance your hearing in specific listening situations. These devices are designed to be used in particularly challenging situations such as on the phone, in a noisy restaurant, or when watching television.

Specialty Services

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Hearing Protection Tinnitus Balance Testing

Hearing Protection

Noise exposure is the most preventable cause of hearing loss. There are a variety of products available to protect your hearing in specific situations, such as:

  • Custom-fit ear plugs: These are designed to reduce sound in any situation and can be used to prevent noise damage from things like occupational noise, concerts, or home improvement projects (e.g., lawn mower, power tools).
  • Sleep plugs: Finally, a solution for sharing a bed with a snorer! These ear plugs are also custom-fit, but they sit further inside the ear canal so that they’re comfortable for all night wear, even if you sleep on your side.
  • Musicians’ ear plugs: These earplugs are fit with filters that help to reduce sound evenly across the pitch range, preserving the fidelity of the music.
  • Hunters’ ear plugs: Hunters have very specific needs when it comes to hearing protection; you need to hear very soft sounds to track an animal but still protect your hearing from the loud blast of a gunshot, which can cause permanent hearing loss. Fortunately, hunters’ earplugs have been designed for this purpose exactly. They reduce loud impact noises (like a gunshot) while leaving other sounds unaltered. Some can even amplify those soft environmental sounds while protecting the ears from the sudden blast of a gunshot.
Educational seminar

Educational Seminars

We are happy to provide educational seminars on the topic of hearing loss and hearing health for clubs, organizations, healthcare offices, work groups, or other associations. The audiology staff at Huron Valley Hearing will tailor the discussion to the needs of the group, whether the goal be to help prevent hearing loss accidents in the workplace or simply to raise awareness about hearing loss, its causes, and what can be done to treat it.

Common topics requested during these seminars include:

  • Causes of various forms of hearing loss
  • Advancements in hearing aid technology and other treatment options for hearing loss
  • Hearing loss prevention options during work and hobbies
  • Causes and treatment of dizziness

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